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DAUB athleisure

264% Revenue Surge in 30 Days

DAUB, a Canadian activewear brand, crafts premium garments with proprietary tie-dye technology. To focus on core operations, they partnered with us after our email audit revealed best practices for instant wins.

264% revenue growth from email flows in 30 days

+24x return on investment

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Honeyskin Stings Rivals With 120x ROI

Honeyskin Organics dominates Amazon with honey-infused skincare. To expand their market influencer and customer loyalty, they hired us to accomplish:

79% revenue growth in 27 days

120x return on investment

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Banda Bags

Artisans Crafting a Buzz With 105% Revenue Growth

Banda Bags sells high-end, handcrafted hand bags and clutches. We reached out to them via email. After a quick call and an audit, it was discovered that a minimum of $10K boost per month can be generated. We shook hands to a money-back guarantee. Here's the result:

105% email revenue growth in 30 days

+80x return on investment

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Eye-Opening Growth: up to 647% Revenue Uplift

Locks Lash hosts one of the top Australian academies for aestheticians. We fixed up some major errors, implemented our best practices and migrated them to a superior email service provider. The result?

647% revenue boost in Welcome Flow in 30 days

+400% revenue boost in Browse Abandonment flow in 30 days

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Locks Lash
Olive + Piper

Jewelry Shines Brighter with 6-Figure Sales Uplift

O&P specializes in stunning, in-house designed jewelry. With 5 successful years of partnership in Facebook Ads, they turned to us for email marketing. We rose to the occasion, surpassing their expectations and delivering exceptional results.

A 6-figure revenue boost in 30 days

This revenue boost is bound to be doubled shortly

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