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Leads worth $55,5M generated in 10 months

Maximizing Impact with CLRA Group


In the labyrinth of lead generation, CLRA Group recognized the need to streamline efforts – to transition from time-intensive lead searches to connecting with and qualifying premium leads. They aimed to shift their focus from quantity to quality, targeting businesses eligible for significant employee retention credits.


CLRA Group joined forces with us for a transformative approach to lead management. We provided an end-to-end solution that encompassed scraping the depths of the market, reaching out strategically, and qualifying leads that were not just abundant but pertinent and promising.


- Advanced data scraping for high-potential leads - Personalized outreach to engage qualified candidates - In-depth lead qualification to ensure relevance and readiness - A scalable framework designed to support growth and maximize ROI

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Revenue Generated in 90 days


Lead value generated in 10 months

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